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Step 1

Click Buy Now then complete the checkout process. 

Step 2

Upon successfully checking out, you will receive an email with the coupon code and a link to instructions on how to redeem your coupon code. Click on the link and follow the instructions to redeem the code. After redeeming your code, you will then be able to access the app. 

21 Users or more @ HK$456/user
  • 21 Users or more @ HK$456/user




    This is for orders of 21 users or less which qualifies for a discount. If you are ordering any less, you do not qualify for the discount. Please select that product to checkout instead. 


    • Sold in batches of 12 tickets.
    • Each user is 12 tickets. 
    • Each ticket lasts for one month. 
    • Each ticket is HK$40
    • Cost per user is HK$40 X 12 months = HK$480
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