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There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world.

Love  of  books
is the best of all. 


Jacqueline Kennedy

Learning through the 5-step Reading Process

  • 1000+books and exercises within the Oxford Reading Club are graded and categorized professionally for students of different ages. Students can simply  take the "reading level test" on the platform, books will then be recommended to them at their proper reading level.

  • Oxford Reading Club has a powerful question bank, which is tailor-made  to the learning needs of students.  It allows them to integrate what they have learnt during reading. The exercises are in line with school curriculum which includes Phonics, Sentence Ordering, Crosswords, Grammar, etc.


  • The 5-step interactive reading method is an advanced reading system based on research-based teaching strategies which aiming at improving students' English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Step 1

Warm up

Play a warm-up game before reading. This is usually designed to pre-introduce some of the key vocabulary that will apepar in the book.


Step 2

Listen up

Listen to our professional narrators narrate the story. Expose your child to both the British and American English accents. The listening part is a powerful way to allow your child's imagination to be immersed in the story without the challenges of having to read the text.


Step 3


Read the story, tap on the illustration to bring it to life with special sound effects. Tap the dictionary icon to check the meaning of a word. Build your vocab bank by adding the word to your vocabulary book. Complete the comprehension activities where present. 


Interactive activities

Titles with on-page of activities feature interactive tools. Learners can complete the exercises, check their answers and retry to build their understanding and help them improve.

  • Multiple-choice quizzes

  • Gap-fill activities

  • Matching activities

Advanced smart reading

Use a variety of media including word cards, audio with adjustable speed and voice recording.

Step 4

Speak up

Record your reading and listen to your own voice reading the story. 


Step 5

Wrap up

Wrap up your story with important vocabularies.


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